JEWELRY edition Vol. 2


My work is informed by my sense of place and observations of the many cities in which I’ve lived. I am intrigued by the urban landscape and I use human influences on the environment to inform my work. I make drawings on location and translate these into wearable jewelry using traditional metalsmithing techniques and a system of forced perspective. In my most recent series, I am drawing from themes of urbanization, infrastructure, and sprawl, using imagery of the massive Houston highway system as my jumping off point. This work is meant to be inclusive and intimate, allowing the wearer to make a connection to his or her environment by dressing in a representation of its landscape.

Using an established set of materials as parameters, I sketch with shape and color until they form a composition. I work playfully and intuitively with color and structure. Bright colors. Clean lines. Discovering as I make.

Erica currently lives in Rochester, NY where she works as a full time studio artist. Her highly crafted and precise designs executed in sterling silver are homage to minimalism and an interest in industrial structures. Rich oxidized finishes complete each piece and emphasize the highly executed intersecting planes and exposed interiors.

Waste has the ability to convey memory, emotion, and history. It is the silent witness to our lives. Trash emits feelings of abandonment, disrepair, and disarray. In my current work, I feel the need to rectify trash’s neglected condition. I recognize that waste devoid of function and intrinsic material value can still be appreciated as artifacts of our material culture.

I find meaning through the observance and intimate awareness of the places I inhabit. With each geographic change, I have become more attuned to the natural and man-made attributes that make each location unique. An interest in the anti-aesthetic aspects of a place draws me to the abandoned buildings and factories, scrap yards, piles of trash and detritus found in the streets. This is the evidence of human inhabitants- past and present. The play between the intimate scale of jewelry and monumental landscapes and structures that inspire me brings a kind of tension to the work. An attempt to contain some quality of place and experience that is larger than the individual or object.

I choose jewelry to express my creative interests, and for many years, this has been a fascination with the body. I began my career in the arts studying dance. This led me to making adornment for the body, activating pleasure and enjoyment through wearing. Each piece is very much an effort in creating body-conscious work. Material exploration and the lineage of jewelry history also inspire me to challenge myself in the work while evolving alongside a world with new technology and processes. I strive to enhance the silhouette of the body and create work to be worn as a celebration of performance and adornment.

Each of my compositions is a mantra inspired by flowers and rivets.  In my studio, I find rhythm in sawing, drilling and assembling— meditative tasks repeated over and over. The absence of certain elements, like color, allows the form and the movement of the work to be emphasized, I am informed by the subtle beauty in nature. I try to mimic and stylize the patterns and repetition in plant and flowers. My most recent body of work combines precious metal with simple line and shape, to create petite metal bouquets and floral landscapes that have a strong, yet delicate and feminine presence.

Using jewelry as my love letter to food and everything food related, I attempt to create a distinct artifact from my journey; objects that create a direct channel to specific moments of comfort. I preserve memories, celebrate and connect to others by adorning the body with food.  While I look to edibles for inspiration and guidance, I look to my craft of metalsmithing to catalog and preserve these moments.  With electroforming, fabrication I am able to create food-based forms; by adding color with vitreous enamels, powder coat, gemstones and gold I capture a moment in time, for all time.

Reception January 29, 6-9PM
January 29 – February 20, 2016

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