Fruits of Solitude

Caitlin G McCollom is a visual artist whose conceptual paintings are focused on notions of metaphysical searching. McCollom is compelled to visually express the unknowable span of consciousness and the beauty and wonder of encounters with the spiritual realm. While her vibrant paintings on plastic paper have many facets, she uses color and shape symbologies and explorations of archetypical imagery surrounded by formal whiteness to create modern icons that vibrate the connections between the visible and invisible world.

McCollom is an internationally exhibiting artist and she has been featured in national print and digital publications. Including Marie Claire, Vogue, Austin Woman Magazine, Glasstire, Tribeza, The Austin Chronicle, Persona Literary Journal and Les Femme Folles a catalog of women artists in the United States. Currently her work is held internationally with prominent private collectors and the corporate collections of Kendra Scott, The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, The Rabboni Institute, The Hilton Worldwide, and Vogue Magazine.

McCollom graduated in 2010 from Texas State University with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in studio art painting with a focus on art history. Previously she worked as an acclaimed curator for Red Space Gallery and on various independent projects, she was also a regional Texas art critic which now informs her full time studio practice.

Reception Friday, April 21st, 6-8pm
Exhibition April 21 – June 3, 2017

My work speaks to collisions between the physical and spiritual realms. Times when a spiritual reckoning is intertwined with a physical experience. I am driving formal elements with a deep conceptual framework. Red and Blue represent water and blood in my work. I use archetypical shapes and specific colors to visually interpret a struggle through humanness to enter a place beyond knowledge and release oneself to deep mystery. My paintings are concerned with the metaphor of the cloud, the synecdoche of blood and the swirling invocation of the spirit world through the juxtaposition of blood as a symbol for living humanity and water as a more complex symbol of invisible supernatural spiritual forces. My interest lays here: What is completely invisible, definitely real, and which the existence is only known by experience? My paintings are made using high-flow acrylic paints on polypropylene sheets, that is, plastic paper. Though I employ traditional methods in my work, my paintings have an otherworldly quality in the way the strokes of the paintbrush display themselves— the process is difficult to understand from merely looking upon them. This quality of unknowable process furthers my interest in mystery as driving conceptual force.